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Our Virtual Work Environment is built on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

SharePoint is unique because its content can be managed by the users, not a group of administrators. Whether working in a physical office or with remote employees, a virtual workspace provides a way of organizing information to provide easy access, easy management, and easy location. Privacy and access can be managed so you can have announcements for the world to see or private documents for internal collaboration. Updates will always be current, data will be correct and instantly accessible; there will be no more need for information requests from individual people.

We understand that it’s not as simple as installing software and expecting all of your data to magically line up where you want it, but with the help of Volant Systems you can take every aspect of your business and combine it into one fluid machine. Volant Systems has experience in complex project and task management. We have developed tried and true methods of tracking work to eliminate duplication of effort. Harnessing the power of SharePoint, in combination with CorasWorks technology, we are able to push and pull data from almost anywhere, and make it accessible in one centralized location: your new VWE.

It’s time to take your business to the next level of collaboration.