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The need for relevant, consistent, flexible, and organized documentation is essential to reducing risk in a high performance operation. The Volant Systems approach to information management addresses these attributes with a four tier system:


Transmitting a relevant message to the people working in dynamic, time-critical environment improves performance and reduces risk. Subject Matter Experts know what needs to be done, but often that expertise makes it difficult conveying the information to other people. Volant Systems provides a methodology to help you get the most out of your people and ensure the documentation is relevant to the people using it.


When document formatting is done well, it transmits information to the user without even being noticed. When used consistently, document formatting not only provides for ease of use, it can provide performance standards.


Structure refers to the architecture and rules used to create your documentation. Just as different types of buildings require different foundations, the need for document structure depends on level of integration required. The structure provides for consistent formatting, the ability to host documentation in multiple media (paper, web-based. mobile), the opportunity to rehost and combine documentation, and the ability to meta-tag the documentation for easier maintenance and audit.

Structure can be as simple as providing templates for individual document consistency, or as elaborate as a fully integrated, meta-data tagged documentation system. Volant provides the expertise to match your need and sees the production through to the finish.

Management System:

The document management system is more than just version control and the IT infrastructure. Keeping the documentation current is also critical to success. Volant can help you indentify your needs and design a system that fits.