Volant Systems
  • Risk Resource
  • Training Solutions
  • Virtual Environments
  • Structured Documents
  • Organizational Risk Assessment
  • Data Reporting

The heart of our system is the Volant Model. Where similar programs emphasize threats and errors, Volant Systems’ Model has gone beyond that.

The Volant Model provides the capability to integrate Risk Management and mitigation by using effective Resources. Its usefulness in Time Critical Decision Making environments makes the Volant model unique.

The Volant Model is an intuitive system that creates a common language for all team members; program developers, commanders, instructors, and front line staff. This common language is expressed through simple icons that become tools for team members. Volant Model tools can be easily adapted for your specific needs and then fully integrated into your training program and operations.

The Volant Tools that make up the Model consist of:

  • The ABCDs (Assess, Balance, Communicate, Do and Debrief)
  • Resources (Policies, Procedures, Flows, Checklists, Automation, External Resources, Knowledge)
  • Concepts of Task Loading, Additive Conditions, and Crew/Team Factors
  • Decision Making modes