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Operational Risk Assessment is a diagnostic risk management tool that measures system performance for an array of business applications.

It provides real time useful information on how well management processes and procedures are working and targets the best areas for improving overall system performance saving organizations frustration, time and money.

How efficient are your business processes?

Operational Risk Assessment uses a systematic, easy-to-use, visualization process to determine the validity of a complex business system and its ability to perform as expected under stress.

  • Demonstrates degree of completeness, sustainability, quality, and efficiency of an integrated system.
  • Focuses on integrated systems and how to achieve desired goals.
  • Assigns levels of maturity that addresses system complexity, sophistication, and efficiency.

How sustainable are your business applications?

Volant Systems applies our innovative maturity model to visualize system capability:

  • Processes/procedures
  • Metrics and analysis
  • Sustainment and interoperability

Let us show how quick and easy it is to improve your systems today.