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Volant Systems offers a suite of software for collecting data and reporting. Each application can be customized according to your requirements:

Metadata Cut & Paste Application

With any large amount of data, tagging and mining for metadata quickly becomes an involved task. The Metadata Cut & Paste Application greatly simplifies the process. The application makes finding the right data quick and easy.

The Metadata Cut & Paste Application is a flexible and interactive application that interprets a library of subject matter metadata codes into user friendly terms. Using a simple interface, users can browse the library via a tree hierarchy display, search across the entire library using a variety of advanced search options, and select items and translate their choices into a representative code. It can also parse and interpret existing codes back into their individual components to allow additional code editing.

The Survey Tool

Surveys are valuable tools for gathering information. The Survey Tool is a user-friendly application for quickly building and distributing robust surveys. The Survey Tool is a web based application that builds, distributes, records, and summarizes results of custom surveys. A simple interface, users can build and edit custom surveys with both multiple choice and free form answers. Multiple choice questions can have a custom answer scales, gives a survey designer flexibility with question definitions and allows a very precise group of potential answers.

Once a survey is built and ready for distribution, it can be activated and target users can log in using a web browser and complete any assigned survey. All collected results are presented in both summarized and detailed formats, giving the viewer separate layers of answer details. The entire program is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database system to hold all user details, surveys, and results.

Read and Initial

Track your employee's training. The Read and Initial software lets you track whether or not users have read necessary documents. The Read and Initial software is especially useful in tracking completion of training. The Read and Initial application is a web-based repository that manages digital documents and distributes them to a targeted audience.

Once a user has logged into the program, they can view all files held within the repository and “sign off” on documents as they are read. By recording this, the system is able to track which documents users have and have not read and summarize this information into a simple, color coded screen. Any document format that can be displayed within a web browser can be used within the program, including plain text, Microsoft Word, and PDF.