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At Volant, our mission is to improve success and operational effectiveness of individuals and large scale operations. We provide solutions that mitigate human error, save lives, reduce cost, improve speed, increase communication and enhance decision making.

Yes, we do save lives.

Our unique organization is comprised of a talented group of professionals with backgrounds as diverse as civil aviation, software design, technical writing, firefighting, business, and military service. Each individual team member brings with them the best industry practices and their unique personal perspective to create a comprehensive risk management system that is second to none.

We are proud of our work with the Department of Defense. Volant’s RRM system has been successfully adopted by the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. In fact, Volant introduction of Risk and Resource Management and the Integrated Training System contributed to an 80% reduction in mishaps for the V-22 Osprey. In addition, our success with the Naval Recruit Training Center led to the United States Navy adopting our ABCDs as the foundation of the new time-critical risk management program.

Risk and Resource Management serves as a foundation of large scale integrated training systems. Success has been proven.

This is not “one size fits all” but is easily customized to your particular challenges. We will be happy to consult with your current team of experts to design a customized solution based upon your requirements. We are fully committed to providing your infrastructure with supporting products and services that can be tracked, evaluated and self sustained.